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Working as a project engineer or service engineer at Aerox.

Aerox is looking for passionate professionals

Our small, specialised team is dedicated to one challenge: to convert obtrusive odours coming from production processes into fresh air. Aerox installs its revolutionary Aerox-Injector in factories all over the world, from Thailand to The Netherlands. Our company is growing, which means that we are structurally looking for specialists. Are you motivated to contribute to our success?

The Aerox team consists largely of scientists, engineers and technicians. We are proud of our leading role in odour technology. At the moment we are mainly looking for service engineers and project engineers.

Travel the world as a service engineer

As a service engineer you spend a lot of time abroad. The Aerox-Injector has been installed at numerous factories all over the world. You will maintain our installations and solve system breakdowns. You’re also responsible for the proper installation of new Aerox-Injectors, preparing them for use.

Managing challenging projects

The project engineer is responsible for the total process of installing a new Aerox-Injector, from drawing and fitting to the project administration and final evaluation. Within these challenging and critical projects you will work closely together with customers and the Aerox main site.

Meet Aerox

Are you interested in one of our vacancies? Don’t hesitate to contact us, also if you think you can support our team in another way.