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Animal feed

Animal feed - Moy Park

Animal feed – Moy Park

Animal feed factory Moy Park achieved an odour reduction of 90% by installing the highly effective Aerox-Injector.

Moy Park in the UK produces poultry feed on two pellet lines. Following recommendations of one of Aerox' clients (AB Agri in Uffculme), Moy Park decided in 2002 for the Aerox-Injection technology to treat the offensive animal feed odours produced.

Odour reduction of 90%

Process airflows from two pellet lines at Moy Park are joined together, with a total of 40,000 m3/h, and are then treated by one compact Aerox-Injector. Odour measurements consistently show an odour reduction of at least 90%.

BAT in animal feed odour control

In 2008 an independent company carried out an official Best Available Technology (BAT) assessment. The environmental impact and cost effectiveness were analysed in detail. The results proved the Aerox technology to be considered as Best Available Technology.