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Aqua feed

Aqua feed – Animeal Factory

Animeal Factory in the Netherlands installed one Aerox Injector to treat the odours coming from their fish feed production line.

Animeal Factory is an aqua feed factory in the city of Deurne, the Netherlands. They produce Fish Feed as well as Pet food on multiple production lines. As Animeal Factory is highly committed to control odours emitted by their processes, Aerox was requested in 2016 to design and supply a tailor made Aerox Injector for a new built fish feed line. Aerox was selected based upon received references in the market.

Environmental odour control by one Aerox unit

Animeal Factory is located in the middle of an industrial area close to multiple civil areas.  Local government is therefore strictly regulating the area. To avoid the neighbourhood complaining about offensive odour emissions, Animeal Factory decided pro-actively to take their responsibility and control the aqua feed odours with Aerox non-thermal plasma technology.

Flexible odour control

The new fish feed line in Deurne produces feed for Koi and tropical fish. The Aerox odour control solution is based on a scalable and cost effective design without any waste streams. Initially 3500 m³/h of process air is treated,  increasing up to 7000 m³/h in the near future. The Aerox Injector is specially build to cover both odourous process air  flows.

Animeal Factory is very proud of their “green” solution providing Fresh air for their Neighbours. More information can be found on www.animealfactory.nl