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CP Namnoi’s aqua feed factory installed two compact Aerox-Injectors as an effective odour control solution for four production lines.

Aqua feed

Aqua feed - CP Namnoi

Aqua feed – CP Namnoi

CP Namnoi in Thailand installed two compact Aerox-Injectors to treat the odours coming from four aqua feed production lines.

CP Namnoi is the largest aqua feed company worldwide. They have many factories in many countries focusing on Asia. A shrimp feed factory in the south of Thailand produces shrimp feed on four production lines.

Innovative aqua feed odour control

In Thailand odour control is of growing importance. The Thai government shut down a few factories because of the offensive odours produced. CP applied a variety of odour control technologies within its aqua feed factories, such as chemical scrubbers and bio-filters. Ultimately, they decided to invest in the more innovative Aerox-Injection technology.

Two units treating four lines

CP Namnoi drew the airflows coming from the coolers of four production lines into two chimneys. By doing so they could suffice with just two compact Aerox-Injectors to treat all four production lines. This odour control solution, in which each Aerox-Injector treats 40,000 m3/h, is extremely cost-effective and offers CP the most environmentally friendly solution possible.