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Mane decided for the Aerox-Injector as an odour control system to neutralize odours coming from spray drying food flavours.


Food industry – Mane

Food industry – Mane

Food flavour factory Mane installed an Aerox-Injector to neutralize strong odours coming from spray dried garlic powder and cheese.

After doing a series of very promising tests on-site, one of the largest flavour producing companies in France decided to install an Aerox-Injector to minimize their odour emission.

Food flavour odour control

Mane produces over fifty different types of flavours. We tested the ones that cause the most odour problems, which are garlic and cheese. The Aerox-Injector was able to reduce the odour emission by 80 - 95%.

Treating air from spray dryers

One Aerox unit treats the 10,000 m3/h of process air coming from one of their spray dryers. The Aerox-Injector can run on either 50% or full capacity, enabling Mane to save energy during the production of less smelly products.