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Dutch pet food company Jonker has installed an Aerox-Injector to complement their insufficient odour control system.

Pet food

Pet food - Jonker Petfood

Pet food – Jonker Petfood

Dutch pet food company Jonker Petfood has installed an Aerox-Injector alongside a scrubber to reach their desired odour reduction.

Dutch company Jonker Petfood initially installed a scrubber to reduce their odour emission coming from two production lines. However, the total airflow proved too high to be treated by the scrubber alone.

Complementing odour control solutions

Jonker Petfood asked us to come up with an odour control solution reaching the desired odour reduction including the scrubber that was already in use. We advised to divide the total airflow into two separate ducts. This way the scrubber could still be used for a smaller airflow and the Aerox-Injector could treat the remaining 45,000 m3/u.

Pet food odour emission of 80%

In 2011 Aerox successfully installed a compact Aerox-Injector. Odour measurements proved that we are able to reduce the odour emission by 80%. Being highly satisfied with our odour control solution, Jonker Petfood installed another unit later on.