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Pet food

Pet Food – Petfood Run

First pet food producer on the island of Ile de la Reunion choses Aerox-Injector to neutralize strong odours coming from pet food production lines.

Being the island's first operator to embark on the production of pet food, Petfood Run aspires to conquer a highly competitive and wholly dependent import market. The plant is dedicated exclusively to croquettes, an indispensable product for the feeding of dogs and cats, and is based in the industrial area of Cambaie, in St. Paul.

Modern and extensively tested production process

The manufacturing process is modern and of high technical standard and the whole process has been under extensive testing, particularly with pet owners. In the medium term, the company would like to become the leader in the Réunion Island market. This while keeping the same motives as in its early stages: to value the by-products of the poultry industry, to develop a new expertise within the local agro-industry and to propose an alternative to import.
A company impression is available via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As9gjvGRZw0

Ile de la Réunion, local communities and tourism

Ile de la Réunion is a wonderful island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius. With coastline cities, year around tourism and of course wildlife, companies are persuaded to produce as eco-friendly as possible. Odour emission is one of the nuisances that factories would like to avoid, therefore Petfood Run decided to select Aerox as a partner in order to reduce the odour emissions to an acceptable level.

Odour efficiency checked periodically, in compliance ever since

Since spring 2013, one Aerox-Injector is treating the combined airflow coming from the extruder, dryer and cooler, with a total airflow of 15,000 m3/h. Due to the small footprint, we were able to install the system inside the factory and connect it to the main duct. For people from the outside there are no changes visible, but the effect is significant: no more odours are detectable in the surroundings of the factory.

Sergio Cresence, Responsable Logistique Amont-Aval et Qualité de Produit,
Petfood Run, September 2017