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Pet food supplier Vobra was one of the first companies to decide on non-thermal plasma technology as a means of effective odour control.

Pet food

Pet food - Vobra

Pet food – Vobra

Odour complaints from the neighbourhood made Vobra decide to install two Aerox-Injectors, reducing their odour emission by 94%.

In 1998 Vobra had two small pet food production lines in a Dutch village. Odour complaints from the neighbourhood made the pet food supplier take action to minimize their odour emission. The company decided on non-thermal plasma technology, which was fairly new at the time.

Pet food odour reduction of 94%

As one of the first suppliers of the non-thermal plasma technology, we were able to carry out on-site pilot tests determining its capability and efficiency. Odour measurements were taken by an independent agency, which found 78% odour reduction. This gave Vobra the confidence to install two Aerox units. Later they built a new factory where we installed the new Aerox XG-unit. This time odour measurements pointed out an odour reduction of 94%. Vobra was awarded with an Environmental Award.

Happy neighbours

When Vobra decided to expand the production capacity with a second extruder line, we were asked to deliver another Aerox-Injector. During this project we cooperated very closely with the supplier of the pet food production line. Result: happy customers, happy neighbourhood, happy supplier and over 15 years of partnership.