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The Aerox team is highly passionate about the revolutionary Aerox injection technology. Read more about our employees.

Erik Versteeg

Managing Director

Erik Versteeg has overall responsibility for Aerox. He is responsible for Aerox' growth, all business related matters and provides day-to-day leadership. Erik has a degree in Management and excels in general management, strategy, international business and operational excellence.



Pieter Leenders

Director Sales & Technology

Pieter Leenders has responsibility for international sales Aerox and the R&D activities. He has a degree in Chemical Technology and excels in international sales, odour control technology and chemical process engineering. Working at Aerox since the nineties, he has become a living knowledge base for the best solution for any client.

Alf van Vuuren

Research & Development engineer

Alf van Vuuren is responsible for R&D projects and product development. He has a combined background in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, informatics and business administration. Combined with decades national and international experience, he manages the continued development of our Aerox-Injector, cold plasma, control systems and interfaces.



Daniël Oostema

International Sales Manager

Daniël Oostema is responsible for the sales of the Aerox-Injector. Daniël is born in the Netherlands and has a degree in Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. He excels in customer relationship, international sales and chemical process engineering. Having 6 years experience in industrial odour control, Daniël is one of our odour solution expert partners for our customers worldwide.



Eric Hoogstede

International Sales Manager

Eric Hoogstede is responsible for the sales of the Aerox-Injector. His area covers Europe and is mainly focused on the feed & food markets. Eric studied Business Economics. He built a successful career in industrial sales and excels in business development, customer relationship and industrial technical sales processes.

Merijn Appelman

International Sales Manager

Merijn Appelman is responsible for the sales of the Aerox-Injector. Merijn is born in the Netherlands and has a background in Rubber Engineering and has extensive experience in Olfactometry including management of laboratory and sample analysis. With this he excels in sales engineering, customer relationship and international sales. Having more than a decade in industrial odour control, Merijn is one of our odour solution expert partners for our clients worldwide.



Eelco Ros

Service Coordinator

Eelco Ros oversees all service and after sales activities within Aerox. With a background in both process- and electrical engineering, many years of industrial service experience at multiple companies and most of all a passion for helping customers, Eelco manages the full installed base of Aerox-Injectors worldwide and coordinates all service requests from our clients.



Mehmet Semen

Manager Operations

Mehmet Semen is responsible for the operations activities within Aerox. With a background in mechanical engineering and mechatronics and his extensive experience in projectengineering, project management, safety and customer relations, he ensures a flawless process from order to commissioning at our client sites worldwide.



Jon Gruters

Project Engineer

Jon Gruters coordinates the implementation of new Aerox Injector units. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and in close cooperation with our customers worldwide, he oversees multiple projects from engineering up to commissioning and handover, within specifications, in time and fully operational.

Dave Wols van der Wel

Service Engineer

Dave Wols van der Wel performs the commissioning and servicing of all Aerox-Injector units installed worldwide. At our client sites he ensures a smooth commissioning process and also arranges service visits with no or limited downtime. With experience in International Service and in close cooperation with our customers no issues on the Aerox Injectors will remain undetected or unsolved.



Diny van der Tol

Office Support Coordinator

Diny van der Tol takes care of all office support matters. Initial customer requests, exhibitions, travels, transport and customs handling are overseen by Diny for timely and proper processing. Diny already joined Aerox in its early stages. Most, if not all customers and suppliers are in direct contact with her for follow-up and professional service.

Lucie Travnickova

Office Support Coordinator

Lucie Travnickova supports our clients and the Aerox team with quote and order processing, procurement, office support, market research, project administration, exhibitions, travels, transport and customs handling. Lucie is born in Czech Republic and with her international background in business administration she ensures a smooth back office process.

Martijn Nobel

Production and Logistics assistant

Martijn produces the Aerox cold plasma modules installed in our Aerox Injector units worldwide. He also supports the logistics and warehouse team within Aerox. All raw materials and components, including our recycling material streams, are checked by him personally. After being distributed to the production floors these are transferred into yet another finished or semi-finished good.



Shalindre Sewnarain

Production assistant

Shalindre produces the Aerox cold plasma modules installed in our Aerox Injector units worldwide. With his eye and touch for fine detail he truly is at the heart of the odour reductions achieved at our clients locations worldwide. Not a single Aerox plasma module will pass without his approval. Whatever configuration of Aerox is applicable, new or existing, he ensures the right set of modules being available within specifications and on time.